Teacher as Guide


Principle 4. Teacher as Guide:


     When students are active meaning makers, learning is effective (Marlowe and Page, 1998). In such environments, constructivist teaching supports students’ integration of prior learning and experience with academic content (Kincheloe, 2005).  Learning, therefore, occurs in authentic contexts in which learners can identify relationships, ask questions, and enhance the effectiveness of conceptions and strategies to make new meaning (Yilmaz, 2008).  Such learning is a process in which the teacher, rather than just transmit information, plays a role in creating a climate conducive to cooperative and collaborative learning (Nanjappa and Grant, 2003).


     How does the teacher as guide metaphor enable the integration of web 2.0 technologies? How might web 2.0 technologies better enable the teacher as guide metaphor?  How might a web 2.0 tool enable learners as active meaning makers? As active meaning makers in the World Wide Web, what opportunities are required to enable students to integrate prior and new learning?



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