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Scavenger Hunt

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Web 2.0 Scavenger Hunt


"Here's my take on it: Web 2.0 is an attitude not a technology. It's about enabling and encouraging participation through open applications and services. By open I mean technically open with appropriate APIs but also, more importantly, socially open, with rights granted to use the content in new and exciting contexts" Ian Davis


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Scavenger hunt DETAILS


Here is my practice hunt and sample trials Karena's scavenger hunt


Your Task:  

Answer one of these essential questions: 

In what ways could you use 2.0 tools in your work?

What tool do you think you most need to explore for your instructional design?

How could the principals and/or assumptions outlined in broad constructivist theory guide your implementation of web 2.0 tools? 

Why are these environments suitable for your instructional design?

How could the principles and/or assumptions outlined in open learning environments guide your implementation of web 2.0 tools?

Are you doing your best to prepare your students for the 21st century if you don't use 2.0 tools?

What do you feel like doing now?


Your challenge: 

Pick a question to respond to and then communicate your response publicly using 2.0. 



Your Activity:

Should you choose to accept it.








Watch Munroe’s videos  - required.



Create a wiki page connect it here Scavenger Hunt Trials- required.



Describe your personal quest on the wiki in one sentence - required.




For each site you explore - opportunity.



For each free account you create- opportunity.



Joining an existing group in your field - opportunity.



Commenting on someone’s board - opportunity.



Link a file, site, post a pic, embed video/audio media to your wiki - opportunity.



Add a feed to your list, tag a bookmark in del.icio.us, try the stumbleupon plugin - opportunity.












Find a blog, podcast or wiki made by a someone you could learn from

0at.org/summer-2008.html- opportunity.

Create a group or thread or note in an open community  - opportunity.

Invite people to join your conversation  - opportunity.

Get a comment from someone in your space. - opportunity.







Communicate your conclusion in blogger or facebook reflections67909.blogspot.com/ - opportunity.



Communicate your conclusion as a podcast file (bonus 1000 if you syndicate on your blogsite)    what i think of podcasting.mp3 - opportunity.



Communicate your conclusion via video file (bonus 1000 if you use youtube) www.youtube.com/my_videos_edit2 - opportunity.



Communicate your conclusion using photos in flickrwww.flickr.com/photos/28441419@N02/ - opportunity.



Communicate your conclusion using voice thread

voicethread.com/- opportunity.


ON your mark get set GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These tools are pretty user friendly and if you want to just get going search through the tools below (if you want a tutorial before you start go to Tools and Tutorials.)


Some Web 2.0 tools worth exploring:








Also for your learning pleasure....



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Comments (1)

ms.munroe said

at 7:55 pm on Jul 10, 2008

Note:: points refer to a level of difficulty. You can also give yourself a self evaluation in regards to breadth of content on the basis of how many points you earn. Clearly, we want this to be a meaningful activity for you so if you want to explore a low point task area for a long period time - do it - enjoy yourself :D
Also - if you want to add a different angle to the 'essential question' you'll be responding to or a different question all together, we'll do what we can to accommodate...

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