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Flickr Tutorial

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Flickr is another fun Web 2.0 tool. Rather than being just a website where you can store your photos online, it also allows you to share with friends and family, in addition to the world at large. When you tag your photos, that tag gets added to Flickr's tag cloud, and you can actually search for photos that share the same tag. You can also explore popular tags that have been used in the last 24 hours or over the last week (see picture below).



Flickr also keeps track of the most popualr tags all time on their site, and each of these tags on Flickr's website are hyperlinked to photos that share that particular tag (see graphic below).



Below you'll find a short video on how to set up a Flickr account that is very useful. Once you have an account you can start posting and tagging photos, or simply search for photos by popular tags.

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I'm excited! Please take me to Flickr! Click on the Flickr icon below to be taken directly to their website. 



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