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Constructivism: Overview

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 Part A:


Constructivism, according to Yilmaz (2008), rather than being a single learning theory,

is more aptly viewed as a suite of interpretations united by a constructivist worldview. 

This common worldview entails a belief that a learner’s unique anthology of individual and

socially mediated experience acts as a filter through which new meaning and knowledge

are constructed.  More specifically, learning in the constructivist classroom is perceived as

an ongoing process where a learner builds and rebuilds his/her knowledge as he/she

confronts new information and experience (Marlowe and Page, 1998). 


Given recent technological advances, how can shared constructivist principles, better inform

the selection of web 2.0 tools to enhance teaching and learning?  This wiki sheds light on key

questions that might better inform the inclusion of web 2.0 technologies in constructivist

learning environments.


Part A, explores the significance of the constructivist worldview through four broad constructivist principles (Four principles is an arbitrary number chose due to time constraints). 


These four principles include:


Authentic activity

Prior knowledge

Multiple perspectives

Teacher as guide


(Marlowe and Page, 1998; Karaduman and Gultekin, 2003; Kincheloe, 2005). 


As I uncover these four broad principles, I identify considerations that question web 2.0 integration in the constructivist classroom. See my References for Constructivism.


Part B, the design of open learning environments, explores constructivist principles in more detail with attention given to the integration of web 2.0 technologies.


The presentation powerpoint.  constructivism1.pdf


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