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Bloglines Tutorial

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The motto for Bloglines is "we track your favorite news, blogs, weather, and classifieds so that you don't have to." Essentially Bloglines is a blog reader. You can go to this website and register (it's free) and then after replying back to the e-mail verification you can start doing a quick checklist of areas and topics that are of a personal interest to you (see the example below).



Bloglines allows you to subscribe to blogs, e-mail groups and websites, it also lets you search billions of articles that have been published since 2003. Additionally, you can publish your own blog through the Bloglines website, and you can share your favorites with your friends.


The following video may also be useful to view:

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I want to try Bloglines out for myself! Click on the Bloglines icon below to be taken directly to their website.


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